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Chiltrix CX35 Ultra-Efficient Air-To-Water Heat Pump (2 Ton Cool, 3 Ton Heat) Replaces CX34

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$7,014.00 $9,352.00
Product code:CX35
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Chiltrix CX35 Ultra-Efficient Air-To-Water Heat Pump (2 Ton Cool, 3 Ton Heat) Replaces CX34
$7,014.00 $9,352.00

General specs

  • Product codeCX35
  • ManufacturerChiltrix
  • SKUCX35


  • Dimensions20.00in x 64.00in x 61.00in
  • Weight276.00lb

Technical Specifications

  • Weight 276 lbs.
  • Height 61.02”
  • Width 46.06”
  • Depth 19.68"
  • Compressor Stages Dual Inverter Rotary
  • Refrigerant Type R32
Chiltrix CX35 Ultra-Efficient Air-To-Water Heat PumpDescription:The World's Most Efficient Air To Water Heat Pump, the CX34, is being replaced with CX35, with even higher heating and cooling efficiency!The CX35 obtains its ultra high efficiency using our award-winning technologies in a new, larger system optimized for increased heating performance while still delivering extreme cooling efficiency.The CX35 uses a Mitsubishi DC Inverter compressor, a DC Inverter water pump (both are variable speed) controlled together with a DC inverter variable speed fan to achieve the best possible balance of performance, optimized water flow rate, compressor speed, and energy use.The CX35 uses R32 for higher energy efficiency, with zero ozone depletion, and 67% lower global warming potential (GWP 675) than standard refrigerant R410a (GWP 2090).R32 allows higher capacity, uses less total refrigerant, and is less toxic than R410a with ATEL of 220,000 PPM.General Features:The Chiltrix Psychrologix™ controller offers DHC (Dynamic Humidity Control) to maximize comfort and performance and allow the unit to operate well above its published ratings at times when humidity allows.The controller provides dynamic loop/coil temperature adjustment among other features.The CX35 system capacity is fully dynamic and can operate between 27% and 100% of its rated capacity, as needed.This means the system is always the right size for changing conditions and avoids the on/off cycling of traditional systems.Heating, Cooling, Domestic Hot Water use any or all in the same application.Radiant, Ductless Fan Coils, Ducted use any or all in the same application.All of the thin-line (5.1" thin) wall, floor and ceiling fan coil units use high efficiency and nearly silent DC Inverter fan motors, designed for 115v power. 220v 50 Hz standard FCUs are available for export customers.There is no Energy Star program for air-to-water heat pumps.However, the Chiltrix air-cooled chiller exceeds the Energy Star EER requirements for geothermal water-to-water systems.Perfect for solar PV operation with super low power draw and a low amp soft start that’s easy on inverters and batteries.Also integrates directly with solar thermal hydronic heating & solar water heating systems.Can serve as low-cost primary heat when used with an existing boiler heating system.Perfect for radiant heating and/or cooling.Dramatically reduces heating costs for users of electric, propane or oil fired boiler systems.The CX35 provides heating down to outdoor temperatures as low as -17 °F. We publish data to -4F.And the optional V18 variable backup heater can be directly integrated for precise dynamic control and the highest efficiency ever achieved by an electric hydronic backup heater.