Draw Latch
$5.30 $4.77
Draw latch used to connect modules together...
Draw Latch Keeper
$4.24 $3.82
Keeper for the draw latch to attach to when connecting modules together...
Drip Plate, M4860, LH
$256.52 $230.87
Stainless steel extended drip plate used in the 4860 models in the horizontal position to redirect t..
ECM Cable Extension, 59
$704.90 $634.41
This is a 5' shielded extension cable for any SCB control box so that it can be remote mounted for e..
Electric Furnace Element, 5kW, 1-Stack
This is a replacement 4.8KW element for newer style duct heaters. 9.875" x 9.75" Model #'s WON0502, ..
Electric Furnace Fan Interlock Relay
Fan interlock single pole relay used in the WON and WUN electric heater. This relay proves a call fo..
Electric Furnace Pressure Switch
This is the replacement air pressure switch for WON electric heaters...
Electric Furnace Pressure Switch Kit
This is the air pressure switch up grade kit for WON electric heaters except for series C...
Fan Relay, 1218/2436/4260 ST2 models
24v fan relay, with time delay 30sec on, 60 sec off. Replacement for the MB2436, MB4260, and U1218 S..
Fan Relay, ST2 models
$33.92 $30.53
Fan relay for the M2430, 3036, 3642, and 4860 ST2 models..
Fuse, 100mA, 250V, 5mm x 20mm, Fast Blow
This is a 100ma fuse for the iSeries equipment...
Fuse, 2.5A, 250V, 2AG, Slow Blow
This is the 2.5amp glass fuse for the first generation ACB circuit boards...
Fuse, 2A, 32VDC, Mini Blade, Fast Blow
This is the 2 amp fuse used in the SCB and the ACB2 circuit boards...
Fuse, 3.15A, 250V, 5mm x 20mm, Fast Blow
This is a 3.15A fuse for the iSeries blower control box...
Fusible Link (WON series)
Fusible link for the WON electric heater. Opens at 249.8°F/121°C..
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