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Mr. Cool MDUCO18048060 4-5 Ton Universal Cooling Only Condenser (MDUCO18048060, Unico)

Mr. Cool MDUCO18048060 4-5 Ton Universal Cooling Only Condenser


  • Our cooling-only condenser with a DC inverter compressor is the newest addition to the Universal® line of products in 2-3 Ton or 4-5 Ton sizes.
  • Customers who are looking only for the cooling efficiency of a Universal® Condenser can leverage this superior product as their perfect home comfort solution.
  • Of course, those who want cooling-only can still pair this Universal® condenser with an energy-efficient gas furnace option from our Signature Series 95% line to get high-quality heating as well.
  • And since it is non-communicating, this could be an ideal product for homeowners who have a relatively new gas furnace they want to match with variable-speed Universal® technology.
  • A DC Inverter design controls compressor motor speed while simultaneously regulating temperature.
  • It eliminates extreme fluctuations in the operating load while extending component life.
  • Inverter air conditioners are quiet, with lower operating costs and fewer breakdowns.
  • They also deliver increased efficiency in comparison to previous generation technology.

General Features:

  • High Efficient Energy Saving DC Fan Motor
  • 2-Step Condensation Protection
  • Internal Fan Blade Creates Low Noise
  • Condenser Can Be Field Converted to 2-Ton from 3-Ton or 4-Ton from 5-Ton using a Dip Switch Setting
  • The Special Fire-Proof Electrical Box Design Offers Anti-Electric Shock Reserved Installation Space for the Circuit Breaker
  • Uses Environmentally-Friendly R-410A Refrigerant

The Unico System uses less than one-third of the space in the built environment than a traditional system. It can deliver up to 9 tons of air conditioning in the same space as a 3-ton traditional unit.

Technical Specifications
Compressor Type Inverter
Connection Quick Connect, Flared, or Sweat
Cooling Capacity 3.5 Ton, 4 Ton, 5 Ton
Electrical Voltage 240v
Heat Capacity 48,000 - 60,000 BTU
Liquid Line 3/8"
Phase 1
Suction Line 3/4"
Weight 262 Lbs.
Height 56.375"
Width 12.625"
Depth 37"
Model Series Universal
Brand Mr. Cool
Refrigerant Type R-410A