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Chiltrix CXRC1-8 Radiant cooling controller w/ 8 ports

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Product code:CXRC1-8
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Chiltrix CXRC1-8 Radiant cooling controller w/ 8 ports

General specs

  • Product codeCXRC1-8
  • Manufacturer
  • SKUCXRC1-8


  • Dimensions4.00in x 5.00in x 1.00in
  • Weight10.00lb

Technical Specifications

  • Height 1.5"
  • Width 3.8"
  • Depth 3.8"
  • Brand Chiltrix
Chiltrix CXRC1-8 Radiant cooling controller w/ 8 portsDescription:The CXRC1 monitors up to eight dew point sensors and makes sure that a chilled water heat transfer fluid (water or water/glycol mix) entering the radiant supply manifold is at a temperature according to a user-defined delta to the dew point, to prevent unwanted condensation, while allowing the coldest possible non condensing fluid temperature.The CXRC1 radiant cooling controller’s dynamic operation allows a standard radiant heating system, when used with a heat pump or other chilled water system, to successfully operate as a radiant cooling system without producing unwanted condensation.General Features:Radiant cooling can be used in dry or moderate climates to add cooling functionality to a standard radiant heating system, with the addition of a chilled water source and a CXRC1 radiant cooling dew point controller.Radiant cooling can also be used in humid climates for augmentation or other special purposes.Contact Chiltrix for free expert application engineering.The CXRC1 is a stand-along device and can work with all standard radiant heating controllers.The CXRC1 is not a full radiant controller, it is an add-on to a standard radiant controller. The radiant controller will need to use thermostats that include a cooling function.Benefits of Radiant Cooling:Radiant cooling offers the absolute highest possible heat pump or chiller cooling efficiency, up to seasonal average EER 64 and beyond.Cooling without forced air provides superior comfort and indoor air quality (dust free air).Allows existing radiant heating PEX or panel infrastructure to be used for cooling without adding ducts or fan coil units.Saves money in energy costs as well as hardware costs when used with a high efficiency heat pump.A high-efficiency dehumidifier can be enabled during times of high humidity.