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Chiltrix CX50 Chiller Heat Pump (3.5 Tons Cooling/4.7 Tons Heating) (CX50 , Unico)

Ultra-Efficient R32 CX50 Air-To-Water Heat Pump 3.5 Tons Cooling / 4.75 Tons Heating
IPLV Cooling 41,285 BTU EER 21.2
Heating 56,983 BTU COP 4.62 @W95/A47
Heating Seasonal Average COP 4.55 (SCOP)

Building on the success of the award-winning CX34, the CX50 has record-setting heating and cooling efficiency while using R32, the most eco-friendly refrigerant available.

The CX50 system capacity is fully dynamic and can operate between 27% and 100% of its rated capacity, as needed. This means the system
is always the right size for changing conditions and avoids the on/off cycling of traditional systems.

Supports: Radiant, Ductless Fan Coils, Ducted Air Handlers & Domestic Hot Water in Any Combo

Heating, Cooling, Domestic Hot Water Use any or all in the same application.
Radiant, Ductless Fan Coils, Ducted  Use any or all in the same application.
Save More w/ DC Inverter Fan Motors 

All of the thin-line (5.1" thin) wall, floor and ceiling fan coil units use high efficiency and nearly silent DC Inverter fan motors, designed for 115v power. 220v 50 Hz standard FCUs are available for export customers.

Geothermal Performance

There is no Energy Star program for air-to-water heat pumps. However, the Chiltrix air-cooled chiller exceeds the Energy Star EER requirements for geothermal water-to-water systems.

Solar Ready

Perfect for solar PV operation with super low power draw and a 3 amp soft start that’s easy on inverters and batteries. Also integrates directly with solar thermal hydronic heating & solar water heating systems. Radiant, Boiler & Hydronic Integration

Can serve as low-cost primary heat when used with an existing boiler heating system. Perfect for radiant floor heating. Dramatically reduces heating costs for users of electric, propane or oil fired boiler systems.

Dynamic Heating Performance

The CX50 provides heating down to outdoor temperatures as low as -17 °F. We publish data to -4F. And the optional V18 variable backup heater can be directly integrated for precise dynamic control and the highest efficiency ever achieved by an electric hydronic backup heater.

Chiltrix CX50 Has Europe's Highest Efficiency Rating!
A+++ SCOP 4.55

Best of Breed Components
At Chiltrix we used every trick in the book and then some to deliver the highest energy efficiency possible. And we didn’t stop there. The components we use to build our chillers are sourced from the world’s top manufacturers and include heat exchangers from Sweden, German pumps, American valves, electronics from Japan, controls from USA, and a compressor from Mitsubishi.

No corner has been cut when it comes to making sure that the parts and materials used to manufacture the CX50 are the best available. Our chiller is designed for performance - to deliver the lowest kW usage per BTU of any chiller heat pump available, and to perform this task for a 20+ year
service life.

Anti-Corrosion Technology to protect against salt air or air pollution is incorporated into all Chiltrix outdoor units.
Includes special coil, hermetically sealed compressor and fan motor.

There is no other ATW heat pump like the CX50 available on the market at any price. Contact us to learn more about designing an air-to-water heat pump chiller system for your home, commercial location, or server room. We can also help you integrate our system with an existing system, retrofit replacement, integration with solar or to an existing boiler or hydronic heating system.

Flexible Indoor Options – Any Combo:
You can use up to 12 or more ductless fan coil units of any type including wall mount, ceiling, floor standing, etc. with a single Chiltrix air-to-water heatpump chiller. You can also use (AHU) ducted fan coil air handlers for a central (forced air) heating & air conditioning system, use it with a radiant floor or radiant panels, or with concealed ceiling fan coils, mini-ducts, or use any combination of these. Domestic water heating may be added to any of the above.

The Unico System uses less than one-third of the space in the built environment than a traditional system. It can deliver up to 9 tons of air conditioning in the same space as a 3-ton traditional unit.