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Renewaire FM Furnace Interlock Module (FM, Unico)

Renewaire FM Furnace Interlock Module

  • Renewaire FM. Furnace interlock module.
  • This control activates your furnace, or air handler blower whenever the ERV starts up.
  • RenewAire Percentage Timer Control with Furnace Interlock for SL70/EV90/EV90P/EV130/EV200/EV240 and EV300 Energy Recovery Ventilator.
General Features:
  • Low Voltage Wire Connect to EV Unit and Either Thermostat or Furnace Control to Turn on Furnace Blower
  • Six Wire, Low-Voltage Connection

The Unico System uses less than one-third of the space in the built environment than a traditional system. It can deliver up to 9 tons of air conditioning in the same space as a 3-ton traditional unit.

Technical Specifications
Application Percentage Timer Control
Category Ventilation Control
Include Furnace Interlock
Weight 0.5 lbs.
Height 2"
Width 6"
Depth 4"
Brand Renewaire